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Biblical Olympics


The Biblical Olympics is designed to give praise to God by the study of His Word. God’s word is then instilled in the hearts of all participants. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to “all” participants for displaying their knowledge of God’s Word. Participants register and receive study material several months before the Biblical Olympics. They study the material in Sunday School classes and at home.

On the day of the Biblical Olympics, knowledge learned from the study material is displayed by participation in events, i.e., Sword Drill, Books of the Bible, Quiz, Memorization of Scriptures, and Pledges. The Creative Component encourages participants to praise God with their talent. Age groups have appropriate difficulty levels. This year we extend the invitation to all age.

Please click links to download participant permission slip and study materials.

Day Schedule


10:00 AM - Participants arrive (very light snack)

11:00 AM - Opening Ceremony,

12:30 PM - Lunch

1:30 PM - Creative Component

3:00 PM - Awards Ceremony

3:30 PM - Adjourn

Contact Person

Carolyn Murdock
HunnyLove Clubhouse